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MACV-SOG Resources


Across The Fence Book Cover Black Ops Vietnam Book Cover Secret Commandos Book Cover

The Quiet Professinal Book Cover Uncommon Valor Book Cover Ont The Ground Book Cover

The Stress Effect Book Cover Reconnaissance Team in Vietnam Book Cover SOG Team History Book CoverWhiskey Tango Foxtrot Book Cover SOG Chronicles Book Cover

The Dichotomy of Leadership Book Cover Extreme Ownership Book Cover Leadership Strategy and Tactics Book Cover


Below are three podcasts Dick Thompson did with former  Navy Seal Jocko Willink (Parts 1-3) of what life was like as a secret warrior with MACV-SOG in Southeast Asia during 1968-69. It is a war story of some of the real events as they happened to him. Don't let the length of the podcasts shown deter you. They go fast.

The video version is on YouTube. Dick Thompson believes it is better because you can see the interaction and especially the facial expressions. These are not for the faint of heart.

Jocko Podcast 204: Don't Sign up for SOG (video version)


Jocko Podcast 205: Dead Man Walking (video version)*

*This video has a trailer made secifically for the second podcast. It scares some people.


Jocko Podcast 206: The Stress Effect (video version)


Audio only:

Jocko Podcast 204: Don't Sign up for SOG


Jocko Podcast 205: Dead Man Walking


Jocko Podcast 206: The Stress Effect



Leadership Lessons from MACV-SOG (Introduction) - More information found here.

Leadership Lessons from MACV-SOG (Just Another Day at SOG) - More information found here.


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