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Decision Making Under Stress

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"The Stress Effect is superbly written. Every leader can grow personally and professionally from the information it presents on how stress impacts the quality and timeliness of decisions. It should be required reading for CEOs, members of the National Security Council, all military commanders, and university leaders."

-Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré, U.S. Army (Ret), former Commander of First Army and Joint Task Force Katrina

Book Review Leader’s Guide – Free

Download a copy of The Stress Effect’s Book Review Leader’s Guide and receive everything you need to help individuals and Organizations process the information in The Stress Effect and apply it to themselves or their Organization. This invaluable guide includes:

  • Questions for each Chapter to help ensure that participants understand the information presented.
  • Activities that encourage participants to probe their own or their Organization’s Stress Levels and to understand how stress may affect their Decision-Making Abilities.
  • Plus, steps to create personal or Organizational Stress Reduction Development Plans using the suggestions provided.

Stress & Decision Making Webcast Series – Free

If you’re a leader, HR manager, OD specialist, or experiencing stress on your job, this webcast series is for you!

In The Stress Effect Webcast Series author Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D., takes you deeper into the major themes found in the book and showcases the brain science behind the impact of stress on the decision making process. Whether in the boardroom, classroom or on the front line of a manufacturing process, when a leader’s stress level is sufficiently elevated the ability to effectively use their emotional intelligence and cognitive ability to make wise decisions is significantly impaired. Join us (click here) for this important series and you will:

  • Understand why Stressed Leaders sometimes make very poor decisions
  • Learn the Three Components of a Stress Resilient System™ - plus, the Seven Best Practices to Build It
  • Learn how Stress impacts the brain's Cognitive and Emotional Intelligences - the two essential qualities needed in High Performance Decision Making
  • Discover Next Steps for Integrating Training and Applying Techniques to Build Resiliency for yourself and your Organization

ARSENAL™—Measure Effectiveness in the Seven Key Areas that Most Impact Stress Resilience!

Take control of individual or Organizational Stress and create Development Plans to build Resilience capacity with ARSENAL™—a NEW assessment from the experts at High Performing Systems, Inc. The ARSENAL™ Assessment presents a summary of each of the seven best practice areas that most influence your ability to combat the negative effects of stress and your current level of performance in each area. Order the Full Report to receive a Developmental Plan Outline that you can use to help you begin working on these areas immediately.



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